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‘Isolated’ Filmmakers Will Present Their Film at the Festival

ISOLATED filmmakers Justin LePera, Ryan Phillippe and Geoffrey James Clarke

Isolated filmmakers Justin LePera, Ryan Phillippe and Geoffrey James Clarke

The Maui Film Festival screening of Isolated will be introduced by filmmakers Geoff Clark (Producer), Justin Le Pera (Writer/Director/Producer) and Ryan Phillippe (Executive Producer and narrator) on Thursday June 13th at 10pm at the Celestial Cinema. Tickets are now on sale!

Isolated is about a group of feral surfers and modern day explorers who embark on a journey to search for one of the world’s last undiscovered waves in the journalist dead zone island of New Guinea. Their adventure becomes all too real as they encounter real life cannibals, discover human rights atrocities and expose an unethical mining corporation. This unique, visually stunning film craves an international spotlight as it brings to light one of the world’s least documented places on earth. Isolated features never-before-seen footage of a ancient aboriginal culture as well as one of the most epic wave discoveries of the past 20 years. The film is already being lauded as Endless Summer meets The Cove.

See the film’s Executive Producer Ryan Phillippe share more about the film via this clip on Piers Morgan below: