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Featured Filmmaker: Josh Greenbaum, Director of ‘The Short Game”

Josh Greenbaum

Josh Greenbaum

Emmy Award winning filmmaker Josh Greenbaum is here on Maui to screen his latest documentary film The Short Game, which follows the the best 7-year old golfers in the world as they train for and compete in the World Championships of Junior Golf.

Josh participated in a Filmmakers Panel yesterday in which he and his producing team discussed the challenges and triumphs they experienced while creating their film.

Tonight at Celestial Cinema at 8pm they will take the stage to introduce The Short Game, which screens along with several other films and is preceded by a tribute to Rising Star Award winner Brie Larson.

We had a conversation with Josh – picking his brain about his filmmaking process and what he hopes the Maui audience will feel about his film. Take a moment to learn a little more about him. Continue reading

Featured Filmmaker: Joseph Levy, Producer of “Spinning Plates”


Joseph Levy, director of "Spinning Plates"

Joseph Levy, director of “Spinning Plates”

Another of this year’s visiting featured filmmakers is Joseph Levy, producer of Spinning Plates, a remarkable documentary featuring three distinctly different restaurants – Michelin’s 7th best in the world, whose chefs surmount unbelievable challenges, a 150-year-old family restaurant in Iowa saved by its community, and a fledgling Mexican restaurant whose owners are doing all they can to survive. The screening takes place tomorrow (Wed., June 12th) at 4pm at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s Castle Theater.

The producer behind this film will also be participating in a Filmmakers Panel at the Wailea Marriott on Saturday at 12:30pm.

Read on to learn about what inspired Joseph to bring this film to the big screen, and the challenges he endured in the process.  Continue reading

Featured Filmmaker: Sam George, Director of ‘Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau’

Sam George, Director of "Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau"

“Hawaiian” director Sam George

Sam George is a surfer, writer, director, and screenwriter probably best known for his work on Riding Giants (2004) directed by Stacy Peralta. According to Wikipedia, “Sam has traveled extensively throughout his career, having explored the coastlines of over 40 different countries and is credited with the discovery of new surf breaks in West Africa, the Andaman Islands and Madeira. Still very active in the surf George continues to compete in standup paddle races and tandem events, usually with his wife Nia Peeples as a partner.”

The Maui Film Festival team is very much looking forward to having Sam and other members of his film’s team at the festival this year, as we host the Hawai‘i premeire of his latest film Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau at Celestial Cinema on the festivals opening night, Wednesday, June 12th. The evening includes the screening of several other films (all with connections to Hawai‘i) and “Visionary Award” tributes to both Eddie Aikau and Nainoa Thompson. (Eddie’s award will be received posthumously by members of his family.)

Tickets for the evening can be pre-purchased online via our virtual Box Office.

We asked Sam a few questions and he shares his thoughts and feelings about making Hawaiian below.  Continue reading

Featured Filmmaker: Mary Lambert, Director of ‘Fishing Pono’

Director Mary Lambert in HawaiiFishing Pono: Living in Harmony With the Sea shares the story of Native Hawaiians living on Moloka‘i who are using ancient conservation methods to restore fisheries in the waters of their island. The short film screens at Celestial Cinema on June 12th, opening night, after the premiere of Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau. In addition, Mary will be a part of a filmmaker panel, held on Saturday, June 15th at the Wailea Marriott, discussing making films that matter.

Click here to watch the FISHING PONO trailer, and to purchase tickets to Celestial Cinema.

We recently connected with the film’s director, acclaimed filmmaker Mary Lambert, to find out what inspired her to bring Fishing Pono to the silver screen. Continue reading

‘Isolated’ Filmmakers Will Present Their Film at the Festival

ISOLATED filmmakers Justin LePera, Ryan Phillippe and Geoffrey James Clarke

Isolated filmmakers Justin LePera, Ryan Phillippe and Geoffrey James Clarke

The Maui Film Festival screening of Isolated will be introduced by filmmakers Geoff Clark (Producer), Justin Le Pera (Writer/Director/Producer) and Ryan Phillippe (Executive Producer and narrator) on Thursday June 13th at 10pm at the Celestial Cinema. Tickets are now on sale!

Isolated is about a group of feral surfers and modern day explorers who embark on a journey to search for one of the world’s last undiscovered waves in the journalist dead zone island of New Guinea. Their adventure becomes all too real as they encounter real life cannibals, discover human rights atrocities and expose an unethical mining corporation. This unique, visually stunning film craves an international spotlight as it brings to light one of the world’s least documented places on earth. Isolated features never-before-seen footage of a ancient aboriginal culture as well as one of the most epic wave discoveries of the past 20 years. The film is already being lauded as Endless Summer meets The Cove.

See the film’s Executive Producer Ryan Phillippe share more about the film via this clip on Piers Morgan below: