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Featured Filmmaker: Destin Cretton, Writer/Director of ‘Short Term 12’

Destin Cretton (top right) with his brothers (top left and center) and grandparents (bottom row).

Destin Cretton (top right) at lunch earlier today with his brothers (top left and center) and grandparents (bottom row).

Maui-born filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton flew to Maui yesterday from an appearance at the Los Angeles Film Festival to introduce his award-winning, critically acclaimed film Short Term 12 at its Hawaii premiere at 6pm at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Upon arrival, he immediately got together with his family for lunch (pictured above), and not only introduced his film tonight, but also held a question and answer session after the screening, which attracted well over 200 people and garnered rave reviews. Destin wrote and directed the film, and his lead actress, Brie Larson (who plays Grace) received the Rising Star Award last night from festival director Barry Rivers.

Get to know Destin a little better – how he got started in film, where the inspiration for Short Term 12 came from, and why he thinks Maui audiences will embrace the story.  Continue reading