Featured Filmmaker: Devyn Bisson, Director of THE WAVE I RIDE: PAIGE ALMS’ STORY

Devyn Bisson - THE WAVE I RIDE

Devyn Bisson – Diretor, THE WAVE I RIDE

Tonight at 7:45pm at Celestial Cinema, the Maui Film Festival is stoked to present the world premiere of THE WAVE I RIDE: PAIGE ALMS’ STORY, a film that documents the Maui born and bred female big wave surfer that has broken barriers and inspired many in the surf world and beyond.

Devyn Bisson (the film’s director) is on Maui to present the film, her first feature, and will introduce it from the Celestial Cinema stage tonight alongside her film’s inspiration, Paige Alms.

We took a moment to ask Devyn a few questions as she was preparing to screen the film publicly for the very first time. Have a look, and be sure to join us tonight for a magical Maui movie movement at Celestial Cinema!



1. How did your film come to be? How did you get involved in making it? Where and when did you start?

As a senior in college, I wanted to do one last project before graduating and having myself strapped down to other responsibilities. Surfing got me into filmmaking and so my heart was open to a film that would give me a chance to highlight my biggest love, the ocean. I read an article in surfer magazine called Boys Club, featuring Paige Alms, and I immediately Facebook messaged her. The rest is history.

2. What was the most challenging thing about making this film? About filmmaking in general?

The hardest challenge of any documentary film, since it mirrors life and any journey, is following the unknown. Unknown events, unknown twists and turns of your story, you’re constantly guessing and following your heart.

3. What type of experience or message do you hope the film will bring to viewers?

Our name says it all, The Wave I Ride, it’s meant to evoke whatever wave it is the audience member may ride and to deeply pursue it. Inspired by one of our favorite wave riders, Paige Alms.

4. How do film festivals play a role in the release and promotion of a film? What do you most look forward to about film festivals?

Film festivals are amazing because it quickly takes the very solitary pursuit of filmmaking and launches you into groups and groups of people. There’s nothing like getting to geek out about your craft and creative process that you largely set out on your own with others.

5. Describe your connection to Maui.

Maui is the amazing location of our film! Now being here 3 times, I feel incredibly connected to the Hawaiian culture.


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