Featured Filmmaker: Mark Lamprell, Director of “Goddess”

It took eight years and lot of begging, singing and dancing to get it to the screen, but Mark Lamprell’s GODDESS (based on a one-woman cabaret show he saw in Sydney) is finally here!

Mark Lamprell - Director of Goddess

Mark Lamprell – Director of Goddess

Mark will be on Maui next week to introduce his film, which opens Celestial Cinema (at the Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course) on Wed., June 4th at 8pm. In addition, he’ll join a Filmmakers Panel on Saturday, June 7th at the Marriott.

We took a moment to get to know more about GODDESS, how it came to be, and what Mark feels the audience will take away from the film. Enjoy!

Q: How did GODDESS come to be? 

A: One of our producers, Andrena Finlay, suggested I go see Joanna Weinberg performing her one-woman cabaret show called ‘Sinksongs’ in Sydney, Australia where we are based. It was about a young mom stuck at home with her kids. To stop herself going crazy she installs a webcam over her kitchen sink and starts singing songs to the universe in the hope that someone will hear her. It struck me as a fun, original idea for a movie so we spoke to Joanna and she agreed to develop it into a screenplay with me. It took us eight years to get it ready for the big screen.

Q: What was the most challenging thing about making this film?

A: Developing the music. This movie is a very rare beast; it has entirely original songs and score. Most contemporary movie musicals use well-known, much-loved songs but we wanted to preserve the fun and freshness and Jo’s original cabaret music and transform it into something suitable for the big screen. Not easy to do with limited time and budget but I hope you’ll agree that Joanna and musical director Judy Morris did a wonderful job.

Q: What type of experience do you hope GODDESS will bring to viewers?

A: I hope they’ll laugh, bop along with the music, maybe shed a tear, and come out smiling with a spring in their step.

Q: What do you think our Maui audiences will appreciate about it?

A: It’s a fun, feel-good, family film with positive values. It has something for kids as well as mom and dads. It takes a non cynical view of the juggle to balance love, family and self-fufillment. It encourages you to think about what’s really important in your life. It looks beautiful and has a lovely, lively soundtrack.

Q: What is your connection to Maui?

A: My wife’s mom used to live on Oahu and our family once did a road trip around Maui with my 6 month old baby daughter screaming her head off in the back seat. Unlike every other baby in the known universe she hated car trips. I remember saying to my wife how I would love to return to this paradise minus the stress and guilt of a screaming child. It’s only taken a couple of decades but my wish is coming true. Mahalo Maui Film Festival!

GODDESS screens on Wed., June 4th at 8pm at the Celestial Cinema, located at the Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course.


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