Featured Filmmaker: Ben Tolpin, Director of ‘Broken Up’

This is the first installment in a series of Q&As with this year’s participating filmmakers.

We caught up with Director/Producer/Writer/Actor Ben Tolpin, creator of the short film Broken Up, which screens at Celestial Cinema on Friday, June 14th. We corresponded with him via email and asked him a few simple questions to get to know him better. We look forward to having him here at the festival to introduce his film and to participate in a Filmmaker’s Panel on Saturday, June 15th.

Ben Tolpin, Creator of "Broken Up"

Ben Tolpin, Creator of “Broken Up”

Q: How did you get involved in film? Where and when did you start?
A: I was inspired to act in film while watching Harrison Ford films in 80’s. I felt like I could relate to his character points of views, like he was part of my family. I majored in acting at Marymount Manhattan College but even as I maintained an acting career in New York and Los Angeles, I was interested in most aspects of film making and began shooting my own projects as a writer and director.

Q: What inspired you to create Broken Up?
A: I wrote Broken Up as just a few scenes in the beginning of 2012 to express my view on how normally sane, self-aware people become irrational and obsessive when going through a break-up. It was inspired by an amusing on-going conversation with a friend I had dated. When Katie Walder read the script that summer and wanted to play “Katie”, I jumped at the chance to direct it. We shot most of the film near the end of summer 2012 and we finished post in May of 2013.

Q: What was the most challenging part of creating this film?
A: The most challenging part of the film was shooting twenty-six pages in three days and still maintain the standard I wanted for performances and shot quality.

Q: What type of experience do you hope the film will bring to viewers?
A: I hope people relate to the points of views of the characters and see the irony in having intense anxiety yet knowingly perpetuating circumstances that create more. It’s a human thing to mentally batter ourselves. But even though Katie and Ben’s conversation seems circular and obsessive, it does go somewhere.

Q: What do you think our Maui audiences will most appreciate about your film?
A: I hope Maui audiences will appreciate how they themselves fit into the experience of the characters being portrayed — where they land on the neurosis spectrum after a break-up.

Q: Do you have any prior connection to Maui?
A: I have no prior connection to Maui but I’ve always wanted to visit. And my sister recently moved to Oahu so it was inevitable that I come here soon.


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